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‘Leaning on an oblique sunbeam’, curated by Alexandra Laudo [Heroínas de la Cultura] – www.p4stura.net

Leaning on an oblique sunbeam is a curatorial narrative by chapters, a narrated exhibition that will be developed weekly on www.p4stura.net during the course of Art Nou.

As a low-budget television series, whose script is defined as it rolls, or as a novel by fascicles that begins to sell in newsstands as the author writes, this exhibition will be formed week by week, as throughout the summer, almost at the same time as the exhibitions and activities of Art Nou are happening. In a free and constellating way, through texts, images and other audiovisual elements, the curatorial story will relate different works, documents and materials from the exhibitions of this edition, perhaps emphasizing seemingly anecdotal details, collateral aspects or related references in an oblique way.

The project will begin with a first introductory text that will be published on Thursday, 06.25 at 06:20, and every Friday at sunrise there will be a new delivery that will be available at p4stura throughout the day, but will disappear when the sun goes down.

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