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Galeria H2O

Toni Gironès

Designing in time, living into the world…

"Designing in time, living into the world...", shows several sketches drew by Toni Gironès during 25 years, served by the same instrument and format.

Drawings are interpreted like registers, that talk us about the past and the future, about the lived experience investigated through the memory, about the prospective design of the living fact in relation with the environment and with the necessities.

From the past to the present, along the years, different places and several experiences in the Cap de Creus geography, are recorded from the memory, like fragments of the time connecting distinct moments.

From the present to the future, and fed by the past experiences, the design processes lead to build a knowledge, starting from the doubts and the permanent revision.

For both cases the imagination becomes the vehicle, and the memory of the past as the intuitive discharge of the future, are the engine that allows the flows between the contents.

18 NOV 2019