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Galeria Eude

Adolfo Estrada

Estrada. “Naufragio”. Prints and multiples.

Adolfo Estrada (Buenos Aires, 1942), is one of the best artist of Concrete Art in Spain and close to the North American movement Hard Edge.

Estrada has held exhibitions in Europe, Latin America, ... His work is found in numerous public collections such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. He has been exhibiting in ARCO with the Alejandro Sales Gallery (1998-2010) and Dan Galeria (Sao Paulo) from 2011 to the present.

Architecture is the most important source of inspiration in his work. It is geometric and constructivist abstraction. His father was a well­-known architect in Argentina and Estrada remembers that he learned to draw by copying architectural details from his father's designs. His interest in architecture has led Estrada to collaborate with architects in different projects, such as Peter Harnden, Lanfranco Bombelli… among others.

Estrada's style is also known by using the same theme with variations of shape and color. His work breathes simplicity, quietness, silence and peace. It is timeless, it reminds of medieval walls, altarpieces, castle-gates and monastery doors.  Francisco Calvo Serraller defines Estrada's work as "mystical geometries" (El País, May 23, 1997).

Estrada’s exhibition in Eude Gallery consists of 28 silkscreens and 2 lithographs in small and large formats. Plus 3 small wooden sculptures with an edition of five each one. We think it is important to mention that it is Estrada’s first graphic work exhibition.

20 JUN 2019