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Blanca Casas Brullet

Sensible material

Blanca Casas Brullet’s work (Mataró, Barcelona, 1973) has from the start drawn on images inscribed in everyday language, and on polysemy, and the poetry lying hidden in the interstices and passage of one language into another. The rhetorical figures and images of language we use to apprehend the world permeate the artist’s vision, which is always alert to loss and false friends, to misunderstandings and to the poetic and, at times, playful potential of translation.

In recent years, Blanca Casas has probed the initial moment that an image appears, as well as its fabrication process. She conceives the labour of creation ultimately as a place in which to set out an artistic language that allows her to ‘make sense’ while ‘giving form’. For this reason, her studio, the worktable, and the blank page, are her exhibition devices, just as the spillages, creases, holes and accidents that occur during the transformation of the artistic material are too.

We find in Blanca Casas’s work a contradictory use of materials, media and processes that combine in proposals that paradoxically call into question the assay, the attempt, or the uncompleted. Proposals that speak metonymically of the work, through an enquiry into its own consistency: the image comes across as unstable, not fixed, in the shape of uncertain, incipient objects.

In Sensitive Material, the enquiry into the fragmentary, discontinuous or unstable, leads to the notion of precariousness. Its artistic investigation plays out along the suspension between two states, while, in line with its paradoxical logic, the artist uses construction material to explore how to resist and build out of this uncertain space. The artistic forms and materials resonate with social, economic, political, and historical situations without being an illustration of them. In short, this exhibition is a candid exploration of polysemy and analogy; where words, materials and forms; displacement, loss and enrichment, form the deviations and interrelations inherent in the translation of one discipline to another, of one technique to another, of one medium to another.


12 DEC 2018