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UPF Art Track

Antoni Tàpies

UPF Art Track

The Tàpies Space is home to original works by Antonio Saura and Antoni Tàpies, as well as ‘The Gallery’, a digital display of various works commissioned from renowned international contemporary artists, and a video of Tàpies at work in the Reflection Room.

The Reflection Room is a secular chapel measuring 500 m3 and containing works by Tàpies such as the Diptych of the Bell (1991, 3 x 5 m) or the sculpture Snake and Plate  (1996, bronze and fitting).


Guided tours

It also includes a visit to the water tower by Josep Fontserè and Antoni Gaudí, and the sculpture of Alfonso Alzamora "The Stairway of Knowledge".

The tours, led by UPF students who have received special training as art guides, are designed to help visitors make the most of the spaces and works. The circuit, which is suitable for persons with limited mobility, has a total duration of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Times: Wednesdays, at 11 am and at 5 pm. To check availability at other times, kindly contact arttrack@upf.edu. Tours will not be offered in August, as there is no academic activity on campus that month.

Language: The tours will be conducted in Catalan. To check availability in other languages, kindly contact arttrack@upf.edu.


12 DEC 2018