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3 Punts Galeria

4.00pm-8.00pm Monday, 11am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday

Founded in 1994, 3 Punts Galeria works to promote all forms of contemporary art, particularly focusing on new artists and contrasting their work with more established creators. It collaborates with other galleries, both national and international. Every year 3 Punts Galeria organises between seven and eight solo-shows, with a clear focus on new artistic languages. It also participates in fairs and organises other artistic events, both within and outside the local area.

Beneyto, Blek le Rat, Andrew Bush, Rafael Canogar, José Cobo, Shepard Fairey, Francisco Farreras, Gerard F. Rico, José Hernández, Jas, Mark Jenkins, Mark Laita, Janelle Lynch, Gerard Mas, Kiko Miyares, Alejandro Monge, Juan Perdiguero, Perishable Rush, Santiago Picatoste, Amèlia Riera, Efraïm Rodríguez, Samuel Salcedo, Jan Schüler, Ramon Surinyac, Koshi Takagi, Nick Veasey.

Enric Granados, 21
08007 Barcelona
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T. +34934512348
Fax. 932157051