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Blueproject Foundation

10am - 8pm Tuesdays to Sundays

The Blueproject Foundation is a multidisciplinary arts centre and creator of quality content, aimed primarily at offering a respectful and in-depth vision of modern and contemporary artistic creation.

Thanks to its 500 square meters, spread over two floors, the building presents collective unreleased exhibitions to the viewer, from private collections, as well as ambitious personal projects carried out by renowned artists of our time.

This is a centre for reflection and debate on all current aesthetic and intellectual issues that helps to  better understand and enjoy the culture that surrounds us. The Blueproject Foundation offers a lively and direct approach to great works of art in an environment that serves, simultaneously, as an experimental laboratory for new ideas and a useful platform for young artists.

Carrer de la Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
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T. 931824371