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Galeria Miguel Marcos

10.30am-18pm Monday-Friday. Saturday by appointment

Galeria Miguel Marcos was founded in Zaragoza in 1981. On February 27th, Joan Brossa inaugurated the Gallery in Barcelona with the exhibition "Quatre emplaçaments". Throughout its career, the Gallery has shown a consistent and unconditional commitment with the Spanish art of the eighties, incorporating contemporary artists from all around the world who not only base their practice on painting, but on artistic languages ​​such as installation, photography and video art. Miguel Marcos Gallery has participated in numerous editions of the most important international art fairs, such as ARCO Madrid, Art Basel, Art Chicago, Art Cologne or FIAC. In 2008, the Gallery got the AECA Award for the best gallery in ARCO 2008.
Alfonso Albacete, Carlos Alcolea, Stephan Balkenhol, Michael Biberstein, Herbert Brandl, Joan Brossa, Ricardo Calero, Miguel Angel Campano, Alan Charlton, Chema Cobo, Carlos Franco, Xavier Grau, Thomas Hirschhorn, Dennis Hollingsworth, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Charo Pradas, Manolo Quejido, Bernardí Roig, Mp&Mp Rosado, Luis Royo, Romulo Royo, Santiago Serrano, Max Streicher, Bill Thompson, Baltazar Torres, José María Yturralde.

Jonqueres, 10
08003 Barcelona
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T. +34 93 319 26 27