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UPF Art Track

Arranged visits. Registration through https://www.upf.edu/web/art-track

Welcome to Pompeu Fabra University, a public university that, since its founding, has sought to bring together knowledge, culture and sensitivity.

Welcome to UPF Art Track, an interdisciplinary artistic journey that opens UPF’s heritage to the public and allows visitors to enjoy highlights of contemporary art. One of only two secular chapels in the world, an exceptional work by Antoni Tàpies that dovetails with the chapel Mark Rothko created in Houston and stands as a vindication of thought and silence in a noisy, banal society. A gallery of contemporary painting, by artists ranging from Tàpies and Saura to Chillida and Barceló. Sculptures by Susana Solano and Alfons Alzamora in spectacular settings designed by major names in contemporary architecture. And one of the world’s most fascinating libraries, the Dipòsit de les Aigües, calculated by Gaudí, a vast, labyrinthine, hypostyle hall that stretches on and on as if by a trick of mirrors. Interaction. Meditation. Admiration. Enjoy!

c/Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona
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