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Since its foundation in 1990, Art Barcelona promotes joint activities of galleries devoted to discover, diffuse and protect contemporary art.

After more than 30 years of history, the galleries of Art Barcelona continue to work with the main objective of expanding the city's cultural offer, enhancing its presence in the international artistic scene. We support the role of the galerist as a promoting agent of the cultural heritage, providing the public with free access to venues with information about art trends and where new languages and new artists are discovered. We promote initiatives that bring the citizen to the galleries, understood also as open spaces from where reflection and debate is generated towards contemporary culture. We participate in the cultural life of Barcelona, getting involved in the events that have marked its recent history and played a prominent role in the platforms for debate and coordination of cultural strategies. Currently, the galleries of Art Barcelona are: 3 Punts Galeria · ADN Galeria · Ana Mas Projects · àngels barcelona · Galeria Carles Taché · Galeria Contrast · ethall · Galeria Eude · Galeria H2O · Galeria Joan Gaspar · Galeria Joan Prats · L&B Gallery · Galeria Marlborough Barcelona · Galeria Miguel Marcos · NoguerasBlanchard · N2 Galeria ·  PALMADOTZE · Pigment Gallery · Polígrafa Obra Gràfica · ProjecteSD · RocioSantaCruz · Galeria Senda · Sala Parés · Galeria Toni Tàpies · Galeria Valid Foto Bcn · Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo · House of Chappaz · Alalimón Galería· Dilalica · Galeria Mayoral · Zielinsky · Marc Domènech · Suburbia Contemporary · Galeria Mayoral · Galeria Alegría

Board of directors

Quico Peinado (àngels barcelona)
Vicepresidenta primera
Patrícia de Muga (Galeria Joan Prats)
Vicepresidenta segona
Ana Mas (Ana Mas Projects)
Àlex Nogueras (NoguerasBlanchard)
Victor Lope (Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo)
Mercedes Ros (Galeria Marlborough)
Joan Anton Maragall (Sala Parés)
Miguel Ángel Sánchez (ADN Galeria)
Joana Roda (Bombon)
Silvia Dauder (ProjecteSD)