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Pigment Gallery

Anke Blaue i Rosanna Casano


Anke Blaue and Rosanna Casano, have in their beginnings as painters with the same origin, the constructivism of Torres García, who comes to them through Bruno Fonseca who, in turn, was a disciple of Augusto Torres. Anke will trace an evolutionary arc that begins with sculpture, going through collage, through oil painting until she reaches her current phase in which she paints on old linen. Her language is absolutely abstract.
Rosanna was deepening her pictorial language with slight approaches to figuration, rather geometric but with a clearly abstract thread. In parallel to her work in oil or acrylic on canvas, both Rosanna and Anke have made some series on or with paper. In 2002 they held their first joint exhibition in Barcelona, where the two contrasted their abstractions: Anke with works of paper and Rosanna with her oils on canvas. In this exhibition 'Abstractions' in Pigment Gallery are reunited again these two artists trained in Barcelona where they offer their latest work with / on paper and with abstraction as a common denominator.

06 JUL 2020