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Galeria Estrany – de la Mota

Ignasi Aballí, Luz Broto, stanley brouwn, Peter Downsbrough, Douglas Gordon, Jan Mech, Rasmus Nilausen, Francesc Ruiz, Joe Scanlan, Richard Venlet, Heimo Zobernig.

Accrochage — Accrochage

The Galeria Estrany-de la Mota is pleased to present the group exhibition Accrochage — Accrochage, curated by Moritz Küng.

The somehow “mellow” title captures accurately the essence of this group exhibition. The expression accrochage (from French “hanging”, accrocher = hanging up) was at the latest from the 1960s, the common term to display images in museums. It was then picked up by art galleries and used to designate exhibitions from the art gallery’s own holdings, often to close a season. The title Accrochage — Accrochage refers to those facts and can read in addition as two simultaneous exhibitions, so to speak a double feature, one with artists from the gallery, the other with guest artists invited by the curator. Both the shows complement each other and are the mirrored and heterotopic version of themselves.

23 APR 2019