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Guillaume Leblon


The French artist Guillaume Leblon (*1971) creates site-specific installations, sculptures, videos or works on paper which transform our perception of the space and its function.

Leblon’s fifth exhibition at ProjecteSD is called America. The title comes from the celebrated work by Allen Ginsberg, a poem written in 1956 and one significant literary statement of political unrest in the post-World War II United States.

Leblon’s America consists of an installation of new sculptures and works on paper. A landscape is subtly depicted in the gallery space through an ensemble of six sculptural objects that have been crafted after real found broken umbrellas abandoned in the city streets in the aftermath of a storm. The installation delineates a kind of staged arrangement of everyday objects that certainly triggers a sense of desolation, abandonment. A colorful fictional cityscape of twisted objects, a suspended picture of a fragment of today’s life?


18 NOV 2019