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ADN Galeria

Jordi Colomer

baixar al carrer / bajar a la calle / descendre dans la rue / going down into the street

ADN Galería hosts Jordi Colomer’s first solo show at the gallery, within the framework of Barcelona Gallery Weekend’s third edition. Colomer (1962) presents a series of works that orbit around the city and ways of perceiving it. The city is formed by circulation of people and vehicles, buildings appearing and disappearing, ever-changing neighborhoods, population displacing other population, and so on. This flux of movements shape the urban landscape. Its constant activity makes the city become an entity in perpetual transformation, and it writes a history of memory, evolution and future. The show reflects upon the way in which images build a shared imagination and modify it with the passage of time. Imaginations are a form of urban transformation.

In “Svartlamon Parade", Colomer uses documentary images of the UKA student parade in Trondheim, Norway. Those happened between 1910 and the end of the 1980s. Colomer tests these images in the present time by means of a collective action: reenacting the parade and the route it followed around the city. In "Lessons", Laura Weissmahr reviews a 1950s sketch the students had filmed. Those plays were a sort of parody of the apparatus that holds the relationship between teachers and students. It also points out the analogy between theatre and political discourse, as well as student roles and public.

12 DEC 2018