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Pigment Gallery

Marta Fàbregas


“Colonized” is a series of women’s old portraits –slaves, maids, mentally ill; some of them belonging to a low status, humble, hard working women; others rich with their luxury garments... One way or the other, all of them had their identity, their future, their desires and their dreams stolen.

Women fighters who were colonized for a single reason: they were women.

The main goal of this artistic proposal is to return the lost dignity and to ennoble women’s role as an essential part of humankind history, and to spotlight the necessary role of women in the development of our civilization.

With "Colonized”, Fàbregas manages to give these women the visibility they never had.

Through the recovery of women’s old pictures, made towards the end of the 19th Century, with the addition of silk and other contemporary precious fabrics to the original portraits, and wit the use of the Transphotography and the collage techniques, the artist manages to create this large format portraits of great beauty and impact.

26 MAY 2019