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Galeria Contrast

Evaristo Benítez


Two qualities prevail over our surroundings: space and time. Thanks to these, their stability and continuity, we are perfectly capable of moving with clarity and ease in our routine. We do it through dates and places that are consistent with our way of life; In simple words, we submit to routine. But what would happen if those qualities were altered? Would we enter a state of total chaos, where we wouldn’t be able to recognize even our own body? The famous Hitchcock’s Twilight Zone? What would happen to our conscience?

The answer to all this is Dècalage, a state that goes beyond the common perception, understood as an "out of place" both in space and time. Evaristo Benítez exemplifies it through his artwork, where the thread is the Zipper family. These are figures that emerge from a different reality, dressed in sadomasochistic clothing, suddenly become immersed, just by going through a door, in another reality. A distant and different reality, as alien as ia library or the encounter with the sacred heart of the Christ can be.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if we were mistaken, if instead of entering the building we hope to reach, we enter into the unknown. That is precisely the idea, and the radicality of the encounter, what Evaristo Benítez shows us in his work. The artist speaks to us with humor, contrasting in his work concepts such as sex and religion or submission and knowledge, between many others. Images that are as complex in concepts as they are simple in objects: subjects off-site.

Contrast Gallery presents the show Dècalage looking for a dialogue with the public to discover those corners where, suddenly and without foreseeing it, we could find characters from fiction, comics, or even places we have never expected to visit.


28 FEB 2020