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Galeria H2O

Silvia Garcia

Domestic Workspaces

Domestic Workspaces shows a set of drawings by Silvia Garcia Camps of 46 architecture and design studios.

The exhibition captures the ties that people establish with certain spaces. From here two concepts come together: on the one hand, “domestic”, which refers to the appropriation of a place, an on the other, “workspaces”, places where we work.

Silvia pictures architecture and interior design through drawings of uncertain geography. The inception is a mixture between the analogue -hand drawing- and the technological -subsequent assembling with computer-. It is naïve collage technique what gives a certain range of creativity and compositive freedom to capture the essence of the visited studios. As a result, her works are faithful to reality and, playing with the dimensions of the objects, also invoke Silvia’s personal touch, her own vision.

Domestic Workspaces not only makes the intimacy of architecture studios visible -private spaces-, but also brings them closer to the viewer. Also, Silvia’s personal method maintains the aura of what is unique and personal, dissociating the pictures from the evidence of a photography.

Therefore, the project invites us to reflect on the dialogue stablished by people with their occupied spaces and habits through the everyday objects filling them.

18 NOV 2019