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L&B gallery

Xavi Muñoz


07.03.2019 >> 18.04.2019
Opening: Thursday, March 7th at 7pm. Xavi Muñoz will assist to the opening.

L&B gallery in Barcelona (Àlaba, 58) proposes the latest works by Xavi Muñoz with the exhibition HEAVEN.

The word Heaven can be translated into English as “Heaven” if we refer to the heavenly, and as “sky” if we speak of the sky we see from the earth’s surface. Xavi Muñoz takes up this concept to reconstruct or argue from a contemporary perspective the existence of different languages and the interpretation of the concept itself.

“Despite borders and languages the sky is the same for everyone.”
Xavi Muñoz


Barcelona, 1975. With local, national and international recognition, among his exhibitions standouts are ‘Hybrid’, MUSAC, León (2017); ‘The Ultimate First Experience’, HS-LAB, Hiroshima, Japan (2016); ‘Intervalo’, Casa Hoffman Bogotá, Colombia (2016); ‘Landscape’, L&B gallery, Barcelona (2016); ‘In somnis’, Galeria Raquel Ponce, Madrid (2011); ‘Captura libre’, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2009); ‘Paradise’, Centro de Arte Cal Massó, Reus (2009).

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