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Pigment Gallery

Adalina Coromines

La màgia de la imperfecció

Self-taught, she starts her career working with watercolours. Inspired by nature, later she starts working with natural pigments and earth, sand and natural pigments that lead her to a much bigger expressiveness.

Her work is based on the “wabi-sabi” philosophy which is related to the essential approximation to nature and the world surrounding us.

The texture and patina of her artworks clearly show how the pass of time makes the material and its essence vulnerable, while it also brings up the beauty of imperfection.

This comprehension of beauty of based on simplicity, modesty, use and erosion, it’s basically a profound, authentic, austere and sincere aesthetic.

She’s currently working on a new studio, placed in the middle of nature, she is able to work with big scale artworks. She works with horizontal wood panels, embedded on metallic panels to make them stronger. Once she has the structure, she starts pouring water, sand and earths on top of the wood, letting the result to fate.  Sometimes she takes some of the material, pours more water or materials and pigments, but she never has an idea of how the painting will result. Depending on the artwork, she may attack de materials with knives, palettes or tools of her own making, that mark the work and leave the aspect of imperfection that describes her. This tools are always different and not so often used in this artistic field. She tries to scape tradition, without the traditional tools and products, she can achieve a never seen product, with a very personal expressiveness. Her work comprehends light, earth, water, texture and pigments in all in one.

It’s a sincere and intuitive work, where there’s an implicit dialog with the elements, offering geometric and organic forms. She refuses the expected to open new plastic paths. The artist uses non pure colours remembering the past of time over the elements, but she also uses low relief so that when light is shining, the artwork never looks the same; playing with light and shadow, searching for an inalienable profound meaning in her work.

Absolutely committed to the environment, the earths, pigments and colours she uses are completely ecologic and have no contaminant components.

18 NOV 2019