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àngels barcelona

Ania Soliman

Nature is an experiment

NATURE IS AN EXPERIMENT, the second solo show of Ania Soliman at the gallery,  initiates an investigation into nature and its various technologies. The exhibition presents drawings of artificial bamboo plants, as well as a rainforest landscape, rendered in yellow.

Designed by humans, assigned a serial number, and mass-produced in plastic or cloth, the artificial-bamboo plants represent the kind of irrational and manic overproduction that threatens our continued existence on this planet. Yet the plants also represent a kind of hope: they illustrate how we love and desire nature even in its most alienated manifestations.

Ania Soliman’s research-based practice takes as its goal the construction of drawings and narratives about nature and technology. She investigates how different cultural systems define these terms in order to imagine new futures.

18 NOV 2019