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Sala Parés

Núria Guinovart

Núria Guinovart

"...I have been closely following the work of Nuria Guinovart for a long time, and I see that she remains coherent and faithful to her aesthetic approaches, where Abstract Expressionism remains the axis around which all her works revolve. "

"...In her paintings there is a double intention: on the one hand the idea of ​​empty space, due to the effects of leaving areas with gray or white tones, and therefore that the work can breathe; and the other, the perception of full space, concentrated in the incorporation of rectangular formats of different dimensions and colors, arranged horizontally as well as vertically that occupy most of the composition, but always linked to each other, giving the feeling of a some support, perceiving the idea that they form a single set, or what is the same, that of resembling and merging to obtain the desired result."

"...However now we discover a new way of expressing their ideals through ceramics, a pottery that allows you to enter a terrain hitherto unknown, but that serves to manifest different ways of understanding art, especially from the three-dimensional slope. The aim is to represent the world of ceramics through some indefinite figures, but related to their pictorial work, where the structural forms appear separated, as if they had a life of their own, which gives them a peculiar identity, underlined by the applied tonalities, where they predominate also turquoises and cuttlefish, as well as grays and blacks."


Ramon Casalé Soler

International Association of Art Critics

26 APR 2019