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Pigment Gallery

Carlos Tárdez


Carlos Tárdez display in Pigment Gallery is absolutley multidisciplinary, in his works has hidden messages of special importance both in painting and in sculpture. His sculptures are full of irony and double meanings, if well, the historical or mythological symbolism, are still the common thread of virtually all his work.

On the canvas he tries to express the idea in ​​the most direct possible way, his pictorial technique and the realism used are taken care of, generating simple and resounding compositions in which the emptiness acquires a meaning and in many cases carries the conceptual weight in a treatment of space that is inspired directly from abstract painting. It is a symbolic figuration, with a series of resources that have been enriching its own iconography. The title of each one of the works suggests and reinforces the idea in many occasions, always leaving open the subjective interpretation of the spectator.

19 SEP 2020