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Galeria H2O

Elisabet Mabres

She, the others

A masked woman shows herself amid the density of the most populated part of Hong Kong. She interacts with whoever dares to look at her. Some pretend not to see her, some can sense her, someone gets scared or rejects her…The mask has become old, making it seem less artificial.

Protected by facial latex, the woman exhibits herself. Both in the streets and indoors, both day and night. The interference of meeting the ‘cage dwellers’ perturbs her to the point of yielding to domination and captivity.

She manages to escape towards the new green territories of the unknown Hong Kong, searching through traces of abandoned lives. It is now she who rummages with her eyes. And the found objects, from ancestral China, reveal to her the need to carry other actions in Shanghai.

Nothing ends, everything goes on...

Elisabet Mabres

22 NOV 2019