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Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo

Mariajosé Gallardo, Kepa Garraza, Max Gärtner, Concha Martínez Barreto, Frank Plant i Alastair Whitton

Six stories for a color

The color black has been used throughout history of art with multiple purposes, from technical intentions – to give depth to parts of the compositions – to emotional ones – to represent the darkest thoughts of the human beings. Rubens and Rembrandt provided it of importance through their works and Velazquez and Goya mastered the technique and extended its use. The black color, nowadays totally emancipated, spreads as a protagonist to give strength and complexity to the compositions, relinquishing of color the works of the artists, providing like this, much more nuances to notice.

‘Six stories for a color’ is a group exhibition where are presented the works by six different artists who have posed the artistic creation from the monochromatic perspective of black and white, predominating the dark over light. This chromatic dualism forces the spectator to mentally take part and make an effort to observe the pieces with the absence of the other colors’ noise. By simplifying the visual experience, the emotional part can appear stronger, the positive and the negative, light and dark, what is good and what is bad…

The six artists present us six completely different visions of seeing contemporary art: Mariajosé Gallardo (Badajoz, 1978) joins the gallery portfolio right after her individual exhibition in CAC Malaga and she presents us her iconic paintings; Kepa Garraza (Vizcaya, 1979) keeps working on his latest series of drawings: ‘Propaganda’, with which he encourages us to reflect on the nature of power and its representation; Max Gärtner (Heidelberg, 1982) shows us his most recent pieces from his world of ghosts and gods; Concha Martínez Barreto (Murcia, 1978) keeps investigating on the deepest and most profound layers of the individual and collective memory with her series ‘Stratum’; Frank Plant (Philadelphia, 1969) present us one of his most iconic pieces made of painted steel; and lastly, we present the project ‘A foreign land’ by the South African photographer Alastair Whitton (Glasgow, 1969), who will get the spectator around several corners of Cape Town through his architecture of time, a journey through the memory of the country.

06 JUL 2020