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Marc Badía, Natalia Carminati, Barbara Davi, Romain Demongeot, Wieteke Heldens, Lidó Rico, Nayra Martín Reyes, Jan Monclús, Dani Montlleó, Nils Nova, Vanessa Pey, Zuzana Pustaiova, Tere Recarens, Elena del Rivero, Frederik van Simaey & Erich Weiss

The Little Match Girl

HANS & FRITZ CONTEMPORARY is pleased to present THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL. Inspired by the H.C. Andersen’s short story from 1848, the winter group exhibition lights up the matches to warm ourselves and in their glow, imagine visions brightening the often-dark windows to the soul. 

Written nine years after Andersen’s friend and colleague Charles Dickens finished Oliver Twist, The Little Match Girl shed a light upon a very oppressed and silent group in Europe — its children. The tale spoke out for exploited children sent by their parents to beg in the streets and for children of all economic brackets – living at the time when one out of every two children routinely died before the age of five.

As thousands of children and their families have fled the war-torn middle-eastern countries, the imagery of The Little Match Girl is all too real.  Like the story, many people are content to ignore their suffering to preserve their own life.  Whether it is a hoarding of resources, a fear of those who are different, or a misguided desire to preserve safety; there are people turning their backs on those in need.

THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL is walking through Europe right now and we have the power to change the ending of her story.  We can give these children a real happy ending if we have the courage to listen to a different storyteller.

Looking out upon the world’s busy life each one of the artists plays their individual part towards a collective vision through leisure and the absurd.  Not only of rejoicing but through reflections on time-based accumulated meanings and rhizomatic elements.  An exhibition, where leisure has more to do more with time, space and thought rather than consumption as amusement.  Closer to re-interpret Marx, Nietzsche, Lewis Carol or Artaud as cathartic parallel criticisms stimulating and encouraging self-reflection; aiming deep into the hearts lighting up a flame of hope.

28 FEB 2020