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Ana Mas Projects

Arnau Blanch

Twilight Zone

Halfway between painting and photography, but also between a story and a nightmare, the Twilight Zone series, conceived by Blanch in 2016, draws a sort of interior landscape that, although it arises from his interest in making tangible the universe of the senses, results of enormous credibility for the eye. From macroscopic vision to microscopic observation.

Altering the idea of the photographic negative by using transparent acetates intervened with anilines, scanners, pigments, alcohol, blowtorch, soap, matches, bleach, lacquer or an endless amount of materials that, rather than caressing the material, wound its surface until almost ending with its reason to exist. What Blanch does through his works is to throw the observer’s mind into the arms of an organic and fluid abstraction. Into the arms of a suspended world. Halfway between sleep and wakefulness.

Where nothing matters because everything is already fine.

Frederic Montornés - Curator

05 JUL 2020