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Pigment Gallery

Dani Cuervo

Urban scenes

Daniel Cuervo’s work challenges visual accuracy with countless brushstrokes that vanish over the canvas.

Even though its “City Scenes” represent no more than a moment, they do not reveal what could be noticed

with brief attention but with a long period of contemplation. The artistic maturity achieved in the last

years is reflected in a landscape eye that is neither critical nor nostalgic, the testimony of a reality that

he sublimates, without changing or hiding the slightest detail. There is no visual hierarchy but rather a

very faithful portrait done with a pinpoint accuracy that exceeds the capacity to perceive of the human

eye. The architectural landmarks, urban furniture, cars, and bystanders allow him the opportunity to

succinctly conceive articulated geometric shapes that usually relate a syncopated sequence that reflects

the underlying rhythms of modern life.

07 JUN 2020