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LOOP Fair 2017: 25 and 26 May

LOOP Fair, since 2003, creates a framework for specialists and market professionals, the first devoted to moving image. The galleries and their artists’ works are chosen through a selection process carried out by an independent committee. The Fair is born from a commercial intention and, given the current socio-economic structure, is converted into one of the essential platforms for the production and exhibition of the critical thought generated by artists, who most of the times find support in and work with their gallerists and collectors. With this in mind, the Fair fulfils its passionate commitment to serve as a serious and rigorous context.

LOOP Fair 2017 offers, through the 45 selected videos and films, an updated reading of video art as agency, that is, as an element with the capacity for reflective action and transformation.

A group of collaborators —curators, researchers, and critics— have reflected on each of the pieces. Tiago de Abreu Pinto, Eugenio Cortés, Marta Echaves, Esther Fernández-Cifuentes, Mariella Franzoni, Ashraf Jamal, Violeta Janeiro, Marilia Loureiro, Antonella Medici, Maike Moncayo, Inez Piso, Barbara Polla, Julia Ramírez Blanco, Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Uta M. Reindl, Vera Renau, Blanca del Río, Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga, Melina Ruiz-Natali and Carlota Surós have made the exercise of reflecting on the image and its content in relation to its social, historical, and formal context. We hope that this opportunity to exercise conscious observation will become contagious either during the visit or as a later meditation.

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