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Galeria Contrast

Monday to Friday: 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 8.30pm; Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Galeria Contrast was born in Barcelona in 1992 with the aim of approaching to the public some artists o the way of being established as relevant creators of our time.

One of the main tasks of the gallery is to provide the means and build projects representing their work not only in our country but in several cities worldwide. Since 2008, Galeria Contrast is aiming to internationalise the work of its represented artists, participating at various art fairs as well as in other collaborating galleries from relevant cities within the contemporary art scenes. Their annual programme is made up with around six local exhibitions, five international fairs and shared exhibitions in galleries abroad. In this way, Galeria Contrast has attempted to build a solid network of international collaboration with other galleries and institutions.

Galeria Contrast specialises in contemporary art, particularly painting and photography.


Lluís Barba, Rafel Bestard, Robert Berlin, Manuel Faura, Cynthia Fusillo, Luis Gaspar, Xavier G-Solís, Íñigo Navarro, Antonio Rincón, Mònica Subidé, Xevi Vilaró, AxeColours (Adriá Bosch)

Consell de Cent, 281
08011 Barcelona
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T. 93 454 33 93