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Galería Alegría

Mondat to Friday 10-18h Saturday by appointment

Galería Alegría began its journey in 2010, as an exhibition space far removed from the conventional commercial circuits. Our project’s guiding philosophy was, and still is, to grant further coverage and visibility to artists with a generous, yet challenging and stimulating
approach to art.
Galería Alegría focuses on representing emerging or mid-career artists, both Spanish and from other nationalities, and on promoting their work internationally. One of the fundamental pillars of our gallery is that we are particularly committed to engage with
painterly and sculptural languages.
The gallery’s exhibitions line revolves around criteria as simple as being seduced by the artworks’ materiality and the artists’ position within his/her current context. With our chosen roster of artists, we propose a selection of exhibitions and parallel events well suited for all those who wish to find delight and reflection within contemporary painting and sculpture.

Chechu Álava, Mai Blanco, Breza Cecchini, Enrico Della Torre, Jorge Diezma, Bobby Dowler, Robbin Heyker, Thomas Kiesewetter, Matthew Musgrave, Alberto Peral, Humberto Poblete-Bustamante, Stefan Rinck, David Roth, Ken Sortais and Lolo & Sosaku.

Ronda de la vía 7, 08903 L'Hospitalet, Barcelona
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T. +34 93 601 35 10