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Galeria Marc Domènech

Monday to Friday, 10-14 and 16-20h

Marc Domènech Gallery's main area of ​​work is to promote and defend art
of the 20th century, organizing exhibitions with works by national and international artists
most relevant of this period exploring the most outstanding artistic movements of the
European avant-garde. In this sense, one of the main objectives of the gallery in the
recent years has been to present and recover international artists who have not been
duly represented in our country, or that have not been exhibited in a gallery
previously commercial, such as Léon Tutundjian, Gaston Chaissac, Otto
Gutfreund or Jean Dubuffet.
Apart from focusing on the historical avant-gardes, the gallery also directs its activity to
promote and foster two more lines of work: one of contemporary art with artists from
half career; and another dedicated to the recovery of artists who, despite their interesting
artistic contribution, they have not always received the recognition they deserved or are
unknown to the general public, among which we find Magda Bolumar, Luis Claramunt,
Joaquim Llucià, Enric Planasdurà, Moisès Villèlia or Jaume Sans.

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Passatge Mercader 12, baixos 08008 Barcelona
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