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Monday to Friday 11-20h

The RocioSantaCruz Gallery is a dynamic space for creation and contemporary thought in all its manifestations. Located in the heart of Barcelona with more than 300 m2, the space hosts projects by both established artists and emerging talents.

True to her career since 1994 in Paris, as an artist book publisher, RocioSantaCruz's approach is to focus on unpublished archives with the aim of generating a dialogue between avant-garde of the second half of the twentieth century and the new contemporary practices.

The gallery is conceived as a space for experimentation, a meeting point for reflection and a space for the dissemination of new practices with a special interest in photography, experimental cinema, archiving and publishing. of artist.

Mar Arza, Blanca Casas Brullet, Jean Denant, Pep Duran, Gonzalo Elvira, Andrés Galeano, Ferran Garcia Sevilla, Ana Garcia-Pineda, Marcel Giró, Lluis Hortalà, German Lorca, Julia Llerena, Oriol Maspons, Fina Miralles, Marina Núñez, Lois Patiño, Palmira Puig-Giró, Rubens Teixeira Scavone, Montserrat Soto, Jordi Teixidor, Miguel Trillo.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 627
08010 Barcelona
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T. 93 633 83 60