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Guy Mees

Guy Mees: Espace Perdu. An Exhibition in two chapters

The first solo exhibition in Spain of artist Guy Mees (1935-2003), a leading figure of the Belgian avant-garde whose singular oeuvre escapes conventional aesthetic and discursive classification. The exhibition has been structured in two chapters, each focusing on different works and periods of the artist's development. The intention with this double presentation is, obviously, to offer a richer view of Mees’ oeuvre but also, and not less important, to give the proper spatial dimension to the works selected.

The title of the exhibition Espace Perdu (Lost Space) refers to a generic concept that Mees used in two different moments of his development. He first used the term “Verloren Ruimte” in the group of works, panels and objects, made using industrial lace that he created between 1960 and 1967. Twenty years later, in the mid-1980s, he returned to the notion of lost space, creating a second series of “Verloren Ruimte” works. Bearing little physical relation to the earlier, eponymous series, this second group took the form of thin scraps of colored paper cut in varying shapes and pinned to the wall.

26 APR 2019