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Meta Isæus-Berlin, Núria Rion, Marria Pratts, Anna ill


In the context of Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2019, L&B gallery has the pleasure to present the exhibition “4 ARTISTS”, a collective proposal of four artists belonging to different decades: Meta Isæus-Berlin (1963), Núria Rion (1976), Marria Pratts (1988) and Anna ill (1990).

The exhibition “4 ARTISTS” is presented as a journey through memory starting from the most intimate spaces and objects, as well as from the immediate surroundings as the house, the nature or the city. For the exhibition, a selection of works in different media has been made: sculpture and paintings by Meta Isæus-Berlin; the installation and works on paper by Núria Rion; carpets and drawings on paper and wood by Marria Pratts and the objectual art by Anna ill.

In words of the critic and curator Rosa Martínez, the works of Meta Isæus-Berlin are not only an exercise in reflection that proposes a double metaphorical about the world, but her creations are an example of how relationships with life can be established directly from the language of art. Scandinavian furniture is a constant in the installations of the renowned Swedish artist and in her pictorial work. Starting from her home as a point of reference and always understood as a container of memory and reflection, Meta Isæus-Berlin established a network of meanings that intimate with the viewer.

The way the Catalan artist Núria Rion works is an approach to the territory establishing direct contact with the matter through experience and the search of the past. “Roques i pretèrits” is the result of an action carried out in Serra del Montsant Natural Park in which, as if it were a mantra or an exercise in vertical archeology, Rion palpates and records the rock, a small portion of the Montsant that concentrates all her memory.

Marria Pratts, transgressive artist of the metropolitan emerging scene of Barcelona, employs a palette of strident colors that treat current society with irony. In words of the critic and curator David G. Torres, the intensity of her work is born from coercion with contemporaneity. Her multidisciplinary work (painting, video, sculpture, installation, drawing, fanzines, neon, design, ...) is characterized by a punk layout, full of iconographies and symbols that start from the city, her immediate surroundings, to criticize an unfair society.

The nomadic life of the Catalan artist Anna ill between Barcelona, London, Paris and the different cities where she travels frequently, defines an objectual art with local roots but impregnated with diverse environments. Her work consists of sculptures, installations and interventions of recovered objects. The result of her research builds a speech that becomes the vehicle to develop artistic thought and takes a close look to the existence. In words of the cultural journalist Clàudia Rius, the young artist transforms abandoned objects into pieces of subtle beauty that spreads from the outside to the inside, questioning if it is just a coincidence that our eyes cannot turn away from materials that speak to us and draw our attention.

07 JUN 2020