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Galeria Carles Taché

Miguel Ángel Campano


Galeria Carles Taché is pleased to open the exhibition Miguel Ángel Campano. “Personal”, a solo show by artist Miguel Ángel Campano (Madrid, 1948). With this exhibition, the Gallery proposes a journey through a different Campano, more personal and deep down, and a return to his 80s and 90s works.

Deeply heterogeneous painter, Campano shies away from any school or pre-stablished method. He maintains, since the eighties, a career far from being linear and closer to a non-style practice. Since that moment, Campano seemed to have become one of the great renovators of the Spanish painting in late XXth century.

Different to the last exhibition dedicated to Campano at the gallery, in which one could trace an heterogeneous path throughout different decades of his career, this show now gathers a series of large scale paintings made during the 2003-2009 septennium. They are all abstract paintings, full of nuances and modulations that allows us to see that one again that Campano is, above all, a painter who works in response to the internal consistency of painting, to the very essence of painting.

Relevance of Miguel Ángel Campano within the Spanish contemporary art scene was recognized in 1996 when he was awarded with the National Fine Arts Award. His big retrospective solo show at the Palacio Velázquez (Madrid) in 1999 confirmed it.

28 FEB 2020