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“With Guinovart”

On December 12 will be celebrated 10 years after the death of Josep Guinovart (Barcelona 1927-2017) and Palmadotze wants to join the series of events and exhibitions that under the initiative of the Fundación Espai Guinovart will be made around the figure of the artist . The event has the participation of public and private centers inside and outside the territory (MNAC, MACBA, Foundation Vila Casas or Fran Daurella Foundation) and the support of different institutions (Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputació de Barcelona or Institut Ramon Llull, among others).

Also ten years have passed since Guinovart's last exhibition in Palmadotze ... A few days to the Festa Major of Vilafranca, "Guino" as his friends called him, he was in the city inaugurating "Guinovart at 80" in the gallery and preparing a solo show dedicated to the world of wine in the VINSEUM Museum; Both exhibitions, are among the last of the artist, well loved by the Palmadotze team. Pilar Carbonell, emphasizes the complicity and trust that "Guino" showed when exhibiting in the gallery when it took its first steps in the nineties and also later with its willingness to exhibit and collaborate with the gallery. As sometimes happens, the preparation of exhibitions and visits to his workshop, transformed the professional relationship into a beautiful relationship of friendship that discovered his charismatic and unforgettable personality. In this sense, we remember Ricardo García Prats presenting his exhibition in Espai Guinovart (2007): "The art in Guinovart is the result of a permanent passion and the reflection of all his experiences. The artist needs to live in the colors senses as an impulse that shapes their way of being, of living, of remembering, of loving, of relating, of fighting, of seeking the utopia and roots of our being and our sense .... " a symbiosis between art and life, resulted in an extensive and multifaceted production - painting, sculpture, illustration of books and posters, tapestries, engravings or stage sets - through which he expressed his yearnings, memories, his love of music and poetry their social and political concerns.

Considering the space and rural surroundings of Palmadotze, for this occasion, the gallery hosts a selection of paintings from different periods that have nature, the countryside and the land as protagonists and that are constant and fundamental motifs and references in their trajectory.

Trajectory that Guinovart initiated in 1951 after inscribing in the Llotja of Barcelona and that settled in 1952 when moving to Paris with a scholarship. On his return, in 1955 he founded the Tahüll group, together with Cuixart, Muxart, Tàpies and Tharrats.

In addition to numerous exhibitions around the world, he participated in the biennials of Sao Paulo, Alexandria and Venice. Among the awards received were the National Plastic Arts Prize (Spanish Ministry of Culture, 1982), the Creu de Sant Jordi (Generalitat de Catalunya, 1983) or the National Plastic Arts Prize (Generalitat de Catalunya, 1990). In 1994 he inaugurated the Espai Guinovart Foundation in Agramunt (Lérida), dedicated to his work and to the promotion of new artists. In 2000, he inaugurated The Center of Art Torre Blava in Vilanova and Geltrú.

01 DEC 2021